How we choose our top payout list

Choosing the best payout online casino in the UK seems like a tasking activity due to the numerous casino sites available. However, to aid in your quest to get the best payout online slot and list in the UK, we considered some factors to help choose casinos with the top payout list.

  • Available Games: Our top payout list has numerous interesting games to serve the interest of every player.
  • Bonuses: These sites have enticing bonuses available as welcome bonuses. Also, players get to enjoy bonuses on each deposit made into their accounts.
  • Payout: The rate of payouts serves as a huge deciding factor. These casinos offer exclusively high payout rates for every player.
  • Ease Of withdrawal: There is no issue with withdrawal if the player meets the requirements—no hidden charges or delay during withdrawal of funds from your casino account.

With all these factors duly considered, they have helped decide the best payout online slots and list in the UK.

The difference between payout rate and house edge

Casino payout rate and house edge are two terms that players, especially new ones, often mistake interchangeably. The payout rate is the odds of a player winning on any wager. The casino offers every player a chance to earn more at profitable odds on any bet for any game played.

The house edge is how each casino earns profit on each wager on any game. Like the common saying that ‘the house always wins’, the house edge is an advantage the casino owner has over every game. Every casino game is designed to generate income for the owner somehow; in the end, there is a high chance of the casino making more from games than every player.

The clear difference between the payout rate and the house edge is that the payout rate determines the high profits a player can earn. In contrast, the house edge refers to the probability of the casino making profits from every game.

Factors that increase casino payout percentages

Have you ever wondered why casinos have different payout percentages? This is due to their method of operations. Here are some factors that increase a casino’s payout percentages;

  • Return to Player (RTP) Ratio: The higher the return to player percentage, the higher the chances of players winning from the game and casino. RTP is determined by the number of players wagering on the game. The higher the number of players, the more percentages of RTP for every player. RTP, as an average of players, determines if the payout percentage will earn the player more than £100 or less. For instance, if a player stakes £100, the payout won't be precisely £100. This is because of the number of players betting on the game.
  • Games: Every casino has a variety of games that suit the interest of every player. You should choose a stake in a game that serves your interest and with more players as a player. However, the more players stake in a particular game, the higher their payout percentages from the game.

The factors mentioned above explain why casinos have different payout percentages. These percentages are considerably high for some casino games, while some are ridiculously low. However, below, we’ll explore the most profitable casinos with the best payout online for players in the UK.

Grosvenor Casino- 97.15%

Grosvenor casino is one of the best payout online casinos in the UK, with a high payout rate of 97.15%. With this high rate, every player has high odds of winning off every wager on any game. Also, this casino offers a wide variety of games and sports to explore. These games profit players with a swift payout option after every win. In addition, their games feature ad-hoc bonuses and poker offerings, which makes them the best payout online slot in the UK.

Mansion casino- 97.25%

There is no better online casino in the UK to enjoy a high payout than Mansion Casino, with a payout of 97.25%. With this high payout rate, new and cautious players find it easy to make more profits than losses on any game. Mansion casino has a wide selection of games with maximum and minimum bet stakes. One of the fascinating features of mansion casinos is that they have numerous games, but their games also come with lesser risk and high RTP for players.

PlayOJO Casino- 96.92%

PlayOJO provides a platform for players that want to explore their chances at winning in different fascinating games. There is a minimum loss on wagering any game with a high payout rate and an RTP of 96.92%. The unique feature of this casino is its ease of availability; with their mobile app, you can stake on any game at your convenience. These games are primarily live games with no wagering policy.

888 Casino-96.60%

One of our highly recommended casinos for players in the UK is 888 casinos. 888 house features games with adventurous qualities. Their top games include; Greedy Dragon, European Roulette, and Super Stakes Blackjack. These games come with guides to guarantee a safe stake and easy winning. Like every top-rated casino site, 888 has attractive bonuses and betting options for every game. In addition, players can enjoy a no deposit bonus on 888 casinos.

Casimba Casino-96.50%

If you are looking for one of the best casinos with a high payout rate, Casimba Casino is your right choice. With a payout rate of 96.50 and a rating of 4stars, they provide exclusive bonuses and sports betting options. Although Casimba is a new casino, its services are available on its website pages and mobile app. Also, they provide a massive welcome bonus and offers on each deposit. Their games are not too technical as they are more concerned about creating a safe space for new and cautious players to earn with minimum loss.

Betway- 96.36%

For players that have a high passion for sports, here is a chance to earn rewards with your passion. Betway casino host the incredible best payout slot games with live betting options. Not only is Betway exceptional in their payout rate-96.36%, but they also offer massive bonuses for new players on every deposit. These bonuses increase your chances of winning off any game wagered on.

The Grand Ivy Casino- 96.25%

The Grand Ivy Casino offers an incredible loyalty feature for consistent players. Like an on-site casino, players experience live actions and features on this online casino. Players are entitled to an RTP of 96.25% on every bet, which is high enough to make extra income. Props to their diversity of adventure games- king of slots, immortal romance, and silver lion, to mention a few.

Dream Vegas Casino- 97.00%

Have you ever experienced a live betting slot at any casino? Dream Vegas casino offers you video slots with outstanding bonuses and a payout rate of 97.00%. Their customer support service is exceptional as they are available 24/7 to resolve issues regarding withdrawals and stakes. Some of the high payout games you can enjoy on Dream Vegas casino are; The Goonies, Blackjack Neo, and Starburst. These games mentioned and others have ad-hoc rewards features and outstanding quality for massive bonuses on each wager.

Explore these casinos with the best payout online slots to enjoy a reward for your passion at a low startup cost. Even at the comfort of a device, players experience live sports betting options and actions like an on-site casino.

Highest payout casino games

Most of the best payout online casinos in the UK features numerous games that players can explore and earn rewards. Some of these games require technical analysis before placing a bet on them, while some are straightforward for safe betting, especially for beginners. In addition, every game has its special payout rate and playing option—understanding how these games work aids safe betting and winning of casino games.

Here are some of the best payout online slots in UK casinos;

Roulette- 97.3% RTP

Roulette is an exciting casino game with a high RTP of 97.3%; arguably one of the best online payout slots in casinos. Roulette offers exclusive house edge rewards to the house and, in return, engages the players. This game comes in diverse varieties as a European gold and electronic roulette. These roulette options bear good RTP and house edge.

Poker- 96%

If you are having a hard time winning at any casino, you are yet to try out their Poker game. Poker is available in different types, such as Texas Hold’em Poker, 3-card poker, and house edge poker, to mention a few of them. These Poker games offer different RTP, not less than 96% on every wager. Understand how it's played, and enjoy massive rewards playing poker games.

Baccarat- 98.91%

Another profitable online casino game with a high payout rate is the Baccarat game. This game features a high payout and RTP of about 98.91%. The higher your stake in this game, the more chance to win a massive payout. The game is played by using your skill of numbers to predict the returns; this helps the player calculate the minimal stake to reduce loss.


Is payout the same as RTP %

Payout and RTP might seem similar but different. Payout is the money paid to all players by a casino, excluding the funds generated by the casino. The RTP is a ratio of losses and wins by a player. Casinos with high payout rates have a corresponding RTP to balance their funds' circulation and profit/loss margin.

What is considered a good Payout?

A good payout is technically a rate with a high RTP ratio close to 100%. A high RTP guarantees a profitable payout. RTP is the average of every wager; play and win more games to increase your payout.

What is the best payout online casino UK with no withdrawal fees?

A favourite casino is typically determined by its withdrawal fees. The best online casinos mentioned above, like- Casimba and PlayOJO casino, attract 0% charges off any withdrawal. As long as the minimal requirement for withdrawal is met, players can withdraw funds at no cost.

Final words

On a final note, all the casinos listed above offer the best payout slots for every player in the UK. These casinos feature attractive deals with bonuses and a massive payout rate. Select the casino with the best rates and house edge that suits your budget. Enjoy huge rewards through your passion and stakes.