How we review sites

We consider ourselves to be a team of professional and passionate online bingo and slots players, aiming to bring the best bingo and slots sites to you. Each site that features on Nifty Bonuses has gone through our extensive review process, and only the very best make it to our pages.

Using a star rating system, we provide a breakdown of the attributes we consider most important in a bingo/slots site.

This means you can quickly get a feel of what each site we review has to offer, enabling you to save time by making a quicker decision on what sites to play on.

Star ratings 

When it comes to reviewing bingo and slots sites, we focus on the seven following points (which also include the weighting percentage we give to them): 

  • Bonuses-  10%
  • Game range - 20%
  • Deposits, withdrawals, and payment options - 10%
  • User experience - 20%
  • Wagering requirements - 10%
  • Community - 10%
  • Trustworthiness - 20%

Each of these points is given a rating out of five.

Below, we’ll explore why each of these points is essential when reviewing what makes a great bingo and slots site.


Welcome bonuses are a huge factor in what determines new players to play a new bingo/slots site. These types of bonuses are usually generous because competition is everywhere. Because of this, this is the first thing we look at when reviewing a site.

However, once a new player has signed up and used the welcome bonus, retaining them is the next step. Bingo and slots sites that we consider to be great also offer existing player bonuses and ongoing promotions. 

We consistently update Nifty Bonuses to reflect the latest welcome bonuses and promotions so you can be sure you’re never missing out. 

Game range

Even the best games can become boring if you’re playing them repeatedly. We aim to bring you bingo and casino sites that have a great range of games, so there is always something new for you to play.

Deposits, withdrawals, and payment options

We combine all three for one of our star ratings as they fall under the same payment category. 

It’s not fun having to wait for a deposit to go through before playing a game, especially when you’re raring to go. Just like it’s not fun waiting to withdraw that cash prize.

The less wait time you have for deposits and withdrawals, the better we consider the bingo and slots site.

Payment options are also a driving factor in making a bingo and slots site great. There are many ways to make payments out there, and we each have our preferences. Therefore the more payment options a site has, the higher we rate them.

User experience

We have weighted user experience highly at 20% of our total 100% score because it can make or break a bingo and slots site.

The speed of the site, alongside navigation and appearance, plays a huge role in players wanting to return time and time again.

Mobile experience

As more of us turn to mobile to get our online gaming kicks, any bingo and slots site that is not mobile-friendly will miss out. 

Wagering requirements

In a dream world, wagering requirements wouldn’t exist. However, unless you score a no-wagering bonus, you’re more than likely going to need to meet them. 

In our reviews, we aim to inform you whether the wagering requirements for that site are fair and if they’re worth playing. 

Because no-wagering requirements are so sought after, we’ll always make sure to include when these apply if our review.


Chat hosts cannot be underestimated as they can bring so much to the chatroom table. 

Not only are they acting as the authority figure and maintaining that the conversation is friendly and inoffensive, but they also create the buzz within the chat room. 

Community is a huge perk for many online players, which is why we let you know what you can expect from the chat host and the best rooms to participate in for each of the bingo and slots sites we review.


We look into each brand’s reputation, as this is what builds trust between them and the player. While we can certainly put our two cents on what a good bingo and slots site looks like, we also like to hear about the opinions of other users. 

Just because a bingo or slots site is young doesn’t mean that it’s not worth playing. In fact, in recent years, there have been some exciting new launches. However, there is something to be said for bingo and slots sites that have stood the test of time so we will bring you all sites with a long-standing excellent reputation.

We especially lookout for any controversies that may have occurred, sharing any details of them and how they were handled.

What else do we look for?

We don’t just look at the seven points that make up our star rating. Top customer support, security, and licensing are also important factors that make a great bingo and slots site. 

Customer support

Excellent customer support is key to a great bingo and casino site. It’s not only about how helpful the agent is (although that’s very important!), it’s also about the response time, range of ways to contact, and availability (e.g. 24/7). 

Security and licensing 

While this is a top, if not the main priority, we don’t include security and licensing in our star ratings because we only feature bingo and slots sites that are secure and are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The GC regulates all offline and online gambling in the UK and runs extensive to ensure that each site acts according to the requirements appointed by the Gambling Act 2005 and other regulatory requirements.

Final words

It’s not difficult to understand what we, the player, want from a bingo and casino site. Speedy, user-friendly sites with good bonuses, quality game options, and fast withdrawal times are some of the top features we require. However, excellent customer support and entertaining, well-regulated chatrooms certainly shouldn’t go amiss. 

This shouldn’t seem like much to ask for. As players willing to part with some cash to hopefully win big, there are plenty of bingo and casino sites that tick all of these boxes.

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