Bingo bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. Some are for new players only, whereas others are rewards for returning players. In some 

We’ll dive into some of the most common bingo bonuses you’ll come across below.

Free tickets

Free bingo tickets are exactly as they sound; they’re free tickets to be played, usually on a specific bingo game. In some cases, they must be used at a specific time.

In many cases, free tickets are combined with a second bonus offer. It’s not uncommon to find matched deposit bonuses with free tickets.

No deposit bonus

You're in for a treat if you come across a no-deposit bonus. These bonuses aren’t common because they’re essentially a win-win for the player.

To access this bonus, no deposit is required. It’s a great way for new players to explore new sites and games without having to part with any money to do so. 

First/matched deposit bonus

The matched deposit bonus is commonly available to new players as a welcome bonus. These bonuses essentially double the bonus you put down - up to a certain amount. 

For example, if a bingo bonus matches your bonus up to £30, then if you deposit £30, you’ll have £60.

There have been some really generous matched deposit bonuses of up to 300% in some cases!

Re-deposit bonus

These bonuses are an ideal way to retain existing players. They’re similar to a first deposit bonus, but they’re usually smaller. For example, this could be a deposit of £50, and the bingo site will match you 25%. They might not be as generous as 100%, but you’d still be left with £62.50 to play with. 

Friend referral

These bonuses usually benefit both yourself and your friend. If your friends sign up to a new bingo site using a referral link, they’ll also be rewarded. These bonuses typically come in the form of free tickets or free bonus money.

Often, your friend won’t just get the friend referral bonus; they’ll also be able to access the current welcome bonus.

Loyalty bonuses

Bingo sites want returning customers, and therefore point systems work well by rewarding existing players based on milestones.

The more you play, the more you collect points, and once you’ve reached a certain amount, you’ll be rewarded. Rewards typically come in the form of free tickets.

You might even find that you’re rewarded on specific dates, such as your birthday, too!

How to claim a welcome bonus

There are usually two ways to claim a welcome bonus.

  1. Sign up for the bingo site.
  2. Make a deposit that matches the welcome bonus requirements.
  3. The welcome bonus will be deposited into your account.

Or, for no deposit welcome bonuses, you need to sign up, and you’ll be credited with the welcome bonus. 

Terms and conditions

Each bingo site is different. They have their own offers and with that comes different rules. Therefore, reading the terms and conditions of each offer, even for existing players, is important.

Three of the key things to look out for in the terms and conditions are:

  • Time limits to use offers by
  • Wagering requirements

We’ll look at both of these in further detail below.

Time limits

Most offers come with a time limit before they expire. For example, if you join a new bingo site and claim free tickets, you usually have to play these within seven days, or you’ll lose them.

In some cases, time limits are staggered.

For example, if you win 50 free tickets, you may have to play 20 of them on the first day, followed by 20 on the second day and ten on the third. If you only play 15 on the first day, the remaining five do not roll over to the second day. Instead, you’ll lose them. 

Wagering requirements

In many cases, to withdraw winnings, you have to meet the wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements in online bingo are typically much smaller than you’ll find with slots. Wagering requirements may be as small as 2-3x your bonus for online bingo.

For example, if a bingo site has a 4x wagering requirement on a £20 bonus, you must play £80 before making a withdrawal.

Fortunately, due to laws by the Gambling Commission Society, every bonus offer must state the wagering requirements in the small print. The small print for a bonus offer is usually only a couple of lines, so you’ll spot it quickly.


As the bingo industry is so competitive, it’s rare to come across a bingo site that doesn’t offer a welcome or another type of bonus.

Bonuses are a great way to discover new bingo sites and, if of interest, a new community. 

Keep your eyes peeled for different welcome bonuses and especially the sought-after no-deposit ones!