Bingo is one of the most popular games of chance played on the internet, alongside slots, and casinos. These games have been winning the hearts of more and more players, especially with generous no-wagering offers appearing from time to time. There’s great potential for players to make so much money from these no wagering bingo sites since they get to walk away with their winnings in cash. 

No wagering bingo games could be risky for sites as players could win a lot of money and walk away. Nevertheless, they prefer taking a gamble on you by winning you over!

What are no wagering requirements?

The term ‘no wagering’ means that when you win a bingo bonus on a site, your winnings are yours, and you can do with them as you see fit- you could withdraw them in the form of cash or spend them on buying more bingo tickets. No wagering doesn’t require you to spend a certain amount of your bonus before making a withdrawal.

To help you understand fully, here’s a breakdown of how no wagering works:

  1. Say you deposit £10
  2. You are rewarded with a 200% bingo bonus of £20
  3. This means you have a £10 deposit + a £20 bonus, making a total of £30
  4. Because this is a no wagering game, this means the £30 is for you, and you’re free to do with it whatever you wish.
  5. You may decide to withdraw your £30 as cash or use it to purchase more tickets.

The significant difference between the no wagering game and that of the wagering game is that wagering has requirements, in some cases, up to 10x. Due to this wagering requirement, you’ll now have a total of 10 X (£10 deposit + £20 bonus), which totals to £300.

However, to make any withdrawal, the least amount you must spend on bingo tickets is £300.

Once you’re able to clear the wagering requirement amount, any money you play with becomes yours; then, you may withdraw it if you choose to.

If you lose all the deposit and bonus, the wagering requirement for the initial deposit becomes exhausted.

The attention and traction recorded by no wagering bingo sites cannot be ignored and have made other operators in the industry wake up to the benefit of treating players in fair conduct, reducing their wagering requirements, and becoming more transparent in the terms and conditions concerning their promotions. This ‘no wagering’ era of bingo games can now help players go wager-free and make better decisions based on informed choices.

The higher the wagering requirements, the bigger the problem. Removing these wagering requirements eliminates the biggest complication and confusion surrounding bingo sites. Players should be able to trust the bingo sites where they are throwing their money to be transparent and trustworthy and that a bonus is a bonus and not a demo bonus, or a con, as is the case with wagering requirements.

No wagering bingo games not only build good relationships and trust between players and the platforms they choose to play; the best part is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that whatever you win

is yours to keep! No wagering, no withheld winnings, just real cash in your bank account as you choose to.

Key need to know facts

The most common issue players have with wagering requirements is that their winnings go to the bonus balance instead of accumulating to cash that could be withdrawn. Whenever you begin to see wagering requirements go over 4x, then you should be sure it’s a game you’re willing to play, having read and understood the terms and conditions of the game.

Bingo sites are made for business, and their primary goal is to make profits. Sometimes, players meet the wagering requirements, win and cash out. Other times, they may not be so lucky; and that’s essentially what the game is all about- a game of luck.

The golden rule that applies to wagering requirements is to always read the terms and conditions before making deposits and beginning to play.

Wagering requirements in a nutshell

Over the past decade, online bingo sites have seen a significant increase in players, leading to more competition. As a result, virtually every bingo site and platform promotes bigger bonuses to attract players. However, these bigger bonuses can often be far from what they first seem. Hidden in these ‘attractive’ bonuses are hidden terms and conditions that restrict players from taking home all the profits on the table. In essence, the bigger and more attractive the bonuses are, the stricter the conditions attached.

Wagering requirements aren't necessarily bad, so long the terms and conditions attached to playing are fair and justified. These are typical examples of how online bingo sites with wagering requirements operate to attract players yet prevent them from winning. Compared to the past, the wagering requirements have improved when the stringent terms attached to making an ‘actual win’ were hidden deep in the middle of the site’s long and complicated terms and conditions. It would take someone with an eagle’s vision to point out these conditions, which in most cases, were never found out soon enough.

After players have placed their bets and are ready to cash out their winnings, only then will the wagering requirements be brought to their attention. To their disappointment, their winnings were confiscated, or withdrawals withheld.

Fortunately, things took a different turn in late 2016 when players expressed their dissatisfaction with how they were being lured into playing online only to discover chances of making money were very close to impossible.

These complaints led to the investigation that made the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) enforce that all significant terms and conditions attached must be written next to the offers and bonuses. The rule made all the difference in the wagering requirements as players were aware of what they were

getting into, which resulted in fairness and transparency in the online gambling industry.

Types of no wagering bonus

When choosing an online site to play bingo games, it’s important to learn about the different kinds of bonuses they offer. Some sites with no wagering requirements could be free cash, while others offer free spins. Each bonus is customised to offer players something different. The different types of no wagering bonuses are discussed below:

No deposit bonus

This kind of no wagering bonus is usually awarded to players after signing up at a casino. They are rewarded with free spins. Offers like these are not dependent on your deposit, which means you can claim a no deposit offer once you complete your registration.

Players are given a risk-free bonus to explore some of the casino games before making a deposit and playing with real money. However, users can only withdraw their no deposit winnings after making their first deposit with this kind of bonus. The no deposit type of no wagering bonus is usually scarce, but they are available in a few casinos.

No wagering free spins

This is the most popular of the no wagering offers. Free spins may be awarded alongside a deposit bonus or may come as a no deposit bonus. The no-wagering free spins usually have a winning limit but lack roll-over requirements.

No wagering deposit bonus

Most casinos have found deposit bonuses to be one of the best ways to entice players to sign up with them. These casinos usually come up with juicy and attractive offers that players can’t resist. For players to claim this offer, they’ll need to choose a payment method and make a deposit into their new casino account. The no wagering requirement comes together with a bonus fund, and players get to keep whatever profit they make.

Reload bonuses

This type of no wagering bonus is given to existing customers who must have made over two deposits to their account.

Low wagering deposit bonus

Sometimes, the wager may not be zero, but it’s a good option when the requirements are kept very low.

Which platforms offer no wagering bonuses

Bonuses can sometimes be deceiving and may not always reflect how good these platforms are.

There are quite a few platforms that offer no wagering bonus to players today, but when it comes to choosing the best of these platforms, it shouldn’t be solely based on the bonus they offer. Important factors to consider include the variety of games the platform offers, treatments to customers, usability, promotions, and loyalty rewards.

Below is a list of the best platforms that offer no wagering bonuses, not just because of their welcome offer but also for their excellent reputation of being fair to customers. They include the following:


PlayOJO is a casino that offers a money-back on every bet, no sneaky terms, no wagering! PlayOjo is also host to some of the most extensive collections of online casino games with over 4,000 slots, live games, and progressive jackpots.

Below are what you’ll get from PlayOJO:

Faster cashouts

No wagering requirements

Money-back on every stake with OJO plus

All earnings from spins are paid in cash

PlayOJO is not available on Google or Apple App Store, but players have nothing to worry about as their website is very responsive to all mobile and desktop devices.


Betfair is one of the most established names in the online casino industry. They’ve received recommendations and awards due to their outstanding commitment to innovation and customer fairness.

With over 500 slots available and created by some of the best developers in the industry, Betfair is one of the good choices to select from when looking for platforms that offer no wagering bonuses.

Paddy Power

One of the industry-leading platforms that offer no wagering bonus, Paddy Power, has been around for some time and has gained exposure over the years due to its conduct.

While Paddy Power is well known for its sportsbook offering, they also have a variety of avenues punters can choose from when visiting the site. Whether they’re interested in bingo, live casino, in-play betting, poker, or whatever categories they have, everyone gets a chance to win something.

PokerStars Casino

PokerStars is one of the most recognised casino brands in the world. The platform has grown beyond the traditional poker offering to provide players with an avenue to enjoy their favourite online casino games in an easy-to-navigate and safe environment.

PokerStars is home to over 1,000 casino games from the most respected developers in the industry. A good number of their games include massive jackpot slots exclusive to PokerStars.

Regardless of the screen you’re playing on; this platform provides you with the best user experience to have an incredible, stress-free session.


Do free spins have wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are not only limited to bonuses, but they also apply to free spin offers. This implies that the winnings you get from free spins need to be wagered a certain number of times before you become eligible to withdraw.

How are wagering requirements calculated?

Calculating your wagering requirements can be done using this simple formula:
(Initial Deposit + Bonus Amount) X (Wagering Requirement) = Total bet
For example, if you have an initial deposit of £30 and are rewarded a bonus of £20, you have £50, which must be multiplied by the wagering requirement; take 30x as the wagering requirement. Your total money equals £50 x 30 = £1,500.
You’ll be able to make your withdrawals for the winnings you have only after staking up to £1,500.

Is there a con to no wagering bingo?

Yes, there are cons attached to no wagering bingo sites. They include limited game choice, big caps on winning from free spins, payment methods restricted to only a few options.

Can you keep what you win?

No wagering bingo sites allow you to keep the money you win and are free to do with it as you please.