What is Slingo?

Learn more about Slingo, a combination of two well loved games, slots and bingo!

  • March 31, 2022
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All those who have tried their luck at online casinos may have come across a brand new game in the list of games called Slingo. The game has gained significant traction and offers many advantages. But what is Slingo? And where does it come from? Our article will answer all those questions you might have, how to play, and some tips on playing! And it will even give you some insight into how significant an impact Slingo has made in the world of gambling and why it will continue to gain popularity and be around for a long time.

What is Slingo bingo?

Slingo is a fun online casino game for players of all ages. Slingo has been around since 1994, created by Sal Falciglia Sr.; it is still making waves today and has a loyal following. However, suppose you've never heard of it? Well, Slingo brings an addictive spin to classic slot machine games. In addition, it is an online casino game that resembles the old slot machines. You can play it on your smartphones, computers, or tablet devices. The goal is to create entire rows and columns on your game board to form ‘Bingo' (or something like it). I know what you're thinking, but this is not bingo. Slingo doesn't require you to buy individual cards or number stickers. Instead, it is an online casino game based entirely on a mix of bingo and slots.

What is the difference between Slingo and slots and bingo?

Few games follow the same rules as Slingo. As your numbers come up, they are automatically highlighted, similar to a dabber that chips away at your numbers until just one ball is left. So what is Slingo, and how does it differ? This game combines slots and bingo with spinning reels and the suspense of playing a round of bingo! It will help to be aware of the differences before playing.

There is less reel space on Slingo than on a slot machine; on Slingo, there is one space on one reel at the bottom of the grid. With slots, there usually are three or more reels. There are only numbers on the cards with bingo, whilst Slingo notches it up with jokers, gold coins, and extra free spins.

It's exploded in the online casino world due to its addictive mix of luck, strategy, and pure exhilaration. But, while it may seem similar to other online bingo games, Slingo does offer a very different gaming experience than slots and bingo.

How to play Slingo

The Slingo game presents a 5 x 5 grid of 25 numbers from the traditional bingo format. A "slot" mechanic at the bottom of the screen will spin to show you five numbers. If the number at the bottom matches one of your numbers in the grid above, it will be marked off. You need as many numbers filled in on your grid during the spins into the corresponding boxes. It’s just like checking your cards on a bingo board and marking off numbers with a marker. 

Generally, you will receive ten spins in the game, and the idea is to fill in as many of the numbers on your grid as possible. You can get higher winnings by landing bonus symbols like the Joker or Super Joker. A joker lets you pick a number on the grid in the grid column above the Joker. A super joker will let you choose any number anywhere on the grid. You can also land an icon for free spins, and any extra free spins awarded will spin at the end of the ten spins. If the red devil pops up, he blocks the grid column above, and you can not use a super joker on that column either.

You can win cash prizes if you complete several Slingo games. For example, in Slingo Classic, the more Slingos you complete, the bigger your wins get. For example, if you were to wager £1 and complete 1 Slingo, you would win 10p. Complete 2 Slingos and win 20p, 3 and you win 30p, 4 =£1, 5 = £2, 6 = £3, 7 = £5, 8 = £10, 9 = £20, 10 = £100 and a Full House pays out £500. Ladders vary from game to game but almost always function like this or are very similar.

Slingo symbols


When this symbol lands, you can mark off any highlighted number in the column above.

Super Jokers

When a Super Joker lands, you can mark off a number anywhere on the grid. Three or more Joker/Super Jokers on a spin awards an instant cash prize.

Free spin

These will award an extra spin. There is no limit on how many additional free spins you will receive.


On some Slingo games, you get awarded instant cash prizes when a coin symbol appears.


When the devil appears, he blocks the grid above for that spin.

Slingo variations

Slingo.com launched in 2002 and has grown in popularity ever since. Slingo continues to expand and add many more popular titles to its catalogue. Many of the Slingo games available have been inspired by existing slots, such as Slingo Rainbow Riches. Other favourites include Slingo Extreme and Slingo showdown.

Slingo tips

  • Be cautious with buying extra spins. Extra spins can help you close out a game if you're close to completing a full house or finishing some lines.
  • Buying extra spins can get expensive.
  • You want to find a Slingo game with unique features, like multipliers or wild symbols.
  • The Joker is a wild symbol, and it counts as any other symbol for you to complete a winning combination on the pay line.
  • Please don't waste the Joker's consider where the Joker will be best placed for more winning lines.

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