What are no wagering requirements for slot sites?

If you’re not new to online slots, you likely already know that it’s not always as easy as winning cash prizes and then withdrawing them. Often, you have to spend your bonus multiple times to make that withdrawal. What may look like a good deal can often be hidden by t&cs, hidden in the small print.  

No wagering is a different kettle of fish and means what you win, you keep, with no strings attached.

Let’s dive deeper into what no wagering could look like:

  • Deposit £20.
  • You win a 100% bonus of £40.
  • You’ve kept your despot and the bonus, so now you have £60.
  • In this game, there are no wagering requirements, meaning the entire £60 is yours, and you’re free to do what you like with it. E.g play more games of slots or withdraw it.

Why play no wagering slots?

There are many benefits to playing no wagering slots.

The biggest one is that you keep what you win.

Because it’s such a great offer, you’ll find that they come by very rarely. So if you do spot a no-wagering slot, jump on it; it may not be around for long.

If it’s a win situation for players, why do sites have games with no wagering requirements?

Many sites have these offers to attract new players, as well as to compete with the competition.

Wagering can also be offputting to many people, especially the higher they are. So in some regards, slot sites have listened to their players and changed the requirements up to suit them better. 

Just remember, when you do spot a zero wagering, or no wagering slot, read the terms and conditions beforehand.

Types of no wagering bonus

When it comes to different bonuses in slots, they vary from game to game, site to site. This is no different for no wagering bonuses.

We’ll explain the different types of bonuses below:

  • No deposit bonus: these can be claimed once the user has signed up and are usually free spins. The benefits of free spins are that you can try out different slot games, find out what you like and what you don’t before playing with your own money.
  • No wagering deposit bonus: deposit bonuses often entice new players to sign up with a new-to-them slots site. These offers are usually big, and no wagering deposits are probably the biggest among them. This type of bonus means whatever you win after making that initial deposit, you keep. 
  • Low wagering Deposit Bonus: While you will still need to wager to claim your prize, this will be a much lower number than what you’re used to. Therefore, low wagering deposits are still worth getting excited about.
  • No wagering free spins: This is likely the most common no wagering offer you come across and means that whatever you win from a free spin, you keep. 

The terms and conditions

As always, make sure to read the small print before signing up to claim any offers and welcome bonuses. As you can imagine, casinos could have a lot to use, offering no wagering, so it’s best to be 100% sure of what rules apply before you play.


What does RTP mean in online slots?

RTP stands for return to player and refers to the total amount of prize money paid to the player over time. This RTP is calculated by looking at previous wins on the slots and determining the chances of another win. 

How are wagering requirements calculated?

Wagering requirements differ depending on how much you’re playing with. To work out the wagering requirements, multiply your bonus money with the amount you’re required to wager. You will find this in the terms and conditions. The total sum number is the wagering requirement.

Are slots rigged?

If a slot site has been approved by the GCS and holds a license, you can be assured the slot is not rigged. Approved slots have been created by trustworthy software companies, giving you an honest playing experience.

Do free spins have wagering requirements?

Free spins across most slot sites have wagering requirements. Make sure to read the terms and conditions if you’re unsure whether they apply to a specific slot.

Are no wagering bonuses available to existing players?

Because they’re so enticing, no wagering offers are often used to attract new players. This is why you’ll more likely come across them as a welcome bonus. This isn’t to say they’ll never be available to existing players, but they’re less common.