The pros of playing a new bingo site

It can be tempting to stick to the big names when it comes to playing bingo online, but there are so many perks to be had for venturing to newer sites.

The number of bingo sites out there is extensive, which means newer sites are more likely to have that edge - because they have to order to be included in the competition and draw players back time and time again.

Big welcome offers

One of the most significant incentives is the welcome offers. In order to stand out and entice new players, these offers are typically big - much more than the free spins here and there. If you've been playing bingo for a while, these bigger offers are likely to be a thing of the past, but they don't need to be. Take advantage of the many welcome offers available by signing up to multiple new bingo sites - you'll not be tied to any one of them, but it's a great way to discover great sites along the way.

Low wagering requirements

In some bingo rooms, wagering requirements will be very low or won't exist at all. If you're an avid bingo player, you'll know this is opposite from the norm where wagering requirements typically tend to be on the higher side.

If a bingo room does state that it is no-wagering or has a low wagering requirement, make sure to first read the terms and conditions as it's likely there is still some rules you'll need to follow.

Speedy payment withdrawal 

Withdrawing money from bingo sites can be a nuisance. You've just invested time in playing a game, and now you have to wait, in some cases, for up to several days to receive your winnings. Fortunately, many new bingo sites have heard our cries and made the withdrawal process much quicker. With newer bingo sites, you'll find withdrawals occur within 24 hours, even less if you're using Paypal.

Great customer service

Customer service is everything. Bad experiences can lead to not only putting the site on your blacklist but also publicly shaming them, and who wants that? New sites are already surrounded by tough competition, so you can bet they're doing everything they can to invest in fantastic customer service to help them along the way.

You can expect most new sites to now offer 27/7 customer support and several options of getting in touch; live chat, emails, and phone.

Choice of games 

Sure, we all have our favourite bingo games, but it's also exciting to see new ones popping up. New bingo sites are more likely to have created new games to entice their audience. In many cases, games won't be entirely new. Still, they will be a variant of an old favourite game - meaning you get that familiarity but with a little something extra to keep you on your toes and enhance your playing experience.

New community

New bingo sites mean communities you'll have not come across before. For many, the community on a bingo site makes players return to playing the game time and time again. It also might mean returning to the same sites. Not only is there the opportunity to meet people you click with, but lots of games also take place within the forums meaning there is a chance to win prizes outside of the bingo games.

Software vs networks

You’re not alone if you thought that each bingo site owns the games they are hosting.

However, software and networks are two very different things.


Bingo software is currently dominated by several companies, including -

  • Dragonfish
  • Gamesys
  • Virtue Fusion
  • Rank Group
  • Entain

The software is essentially the 'behind the scenes' of a game. When visiting a bingo website, it's unlikely that the site itself has created the games. Instead, it's the software companies that have, and they supply these under a white label.


A bingo network is an aggregate that pulls together a number of bingo sites. Essentially, this means more and more people from across different sites are playing the same game which then significantly increases the prize pot. 

Whether you're playing a network game or not, the number of players that you can see is the total amount playing that game, not just on the same site you are playing from.

How to choose a new bingo site

With the vast amount of new bingo sites out there, choosing a new bingo site to play can be overwhelming.

Reading reviews is a quickfire way to identify the best sites out of a sea of generic ones. Reviews should provide honest feedback and highlight both pros and cons of a bingo site. Forums are also a great way to hear about the latest bingo sites and games.

Always remember to look for proof that the UK Gambling Commission approves the site - this should be easy to identify on the homepage, usually in the small print at the bottom.

New bingo sites vs relaunches

In some cases, sites that appear new are just relaunches of older bingo sites.

We won't be including many of these in our roundups of new sites. For example, we don't consider an appearance change enough to make a site brand new. However, if an existing site has moved to a different software provider, this is a significant enough change to consider them as new, so long as their welcome bonuses are open to everyone, even players that had previously played on the site.

Are new bingo sites safe?

As long as the UK Gambling Commission licenses a bingo site, you can rest assured that it is safe to play on. The UK Gambling Commission has an extensive process they put all gambling sites through before providing them with a license.


What’s the best bingo site to win on?

Any bingo sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are a great site to play, and you’ll have equal chances of winning on. 

Are bingo sites rigged?

As bingo sites use random numbers generated by computers, games cannot be rigged. Make sure to look for the UK Gambling Commission license on each bingo site you play to ensure that they use this technology.

How do you win at online bingo?

Bingo is a game of chance. However, the more cards you hold, the more likely you will win. Playing at off-peak times may also increase your chances of winning.

Can I play with no wagering requirements?

In some cases, it’s possible to get a certain number of free bingo tickets with no wagering requirements. However, this is more unusual and so it’s always best to check the terms and conditions before signing up.