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Read all the rules you need to know for bingo so you can play and have fun!

  • March 31, 2022
  • 2 minutes
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Bingo is a great pastime to sharpen your mind and bring excitement to your nights. However, the best way to enjoy bingo is to follow the basic rules and etiquette of the game. In addition, Bingo games are usually full of people who are part of a larger community, whether playing online or at your local bingo hall. Therefore, these simple guidelines are essential to get the most out of your playing experience.

Bingo hall etiquette

We are sure you know most, if not all, of them, but here's a list of five basic bingo rules that you should never forget to observe whenever you play the game.

  1. Choose your seat 

An unwritten rule in bingo is not first-come, first-served. Many players have their "lucky seat". Respect the player if asked to move from their spot. You might find your own luckier seat.

  1. Keep noise level to a minimum

Silence is golden when the game is in play. However, chit-chatting with your mates can cause you and others not to hear what numbers were called, unless urgent, keep questions and chat for the breaks.

  1. Listen to the host 

Don't blame the host if you are on an unlucky streak. When making any requests to the host, ensure you are courteous, respectful, and transparent for an enjoyable time and game.

  1. Keep up with the speed 

As a newcomer to a bingo hall, you will be amongst seasoned bingo players and keeping up with the host's speed can be tricky! So have a good look at your cards, listen for the host, watch out for the numbers on the screens.

  1. Double-check your card

Before shouting bingo, make sure you have all the numbers on your card. Wrongly calling bingo can distract the host from the real winner and interrupt the game.

Online bingo etiquette

These rules apply to players in the chat rooms and any community area on the site, such as forums. So, the following are a few rules of bingo etiquette that players need to follow:

  1. Respect the host

The chat moderator's role is to assist players and answer any queries. Players are not allowed to abuse or threaten the chat hosts.

  1. Pause before you send

Before sending a message, double-check what you type before sending it. In addition, make sure it makes sense to who you're talking to and ensure it won't be easily misconstrued. 

  1. Forgo the capital letters

Please do not write all capital letters unless the chat moderator has requested them. Generally, only the host will write in CAPS which allows them to differentiate themselves from the online players.

  1. Abuse is unacceptable

Don't forget that people are entitled to their own opinion, but abusive behaviour is not acceptable. So don't share your anger, frustrations, or hostility with others in the chat. Instead, take a break and return to the game with a cooler head.

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